[CSHARP] OpenFileDialog OFD = new OpenFileDialog(); OFD.ShowDialog(); string fileloc = OFD.FileName; //load image to picturebox pictureBox1.Image = Image.FromFile(fileloc); if (pictureBox1.Image != null) { // Create image. Image tmp = pictureBox1.Image; // Create graphics object for alteration. Graphics g = Graphics.FromImage(tmp); // Create string to draw. String wmString = "SOFTAFZAR.NET"; // Create font and brush. Font wmFont = new Font("Trebuchet MS", 40); SolidBrush wmBrush = new SolidBrush(Color.Blue); // Create point for upper-left corner of drawing. PointF wmPoint = new PointF(10.0F, 10.0F); // Draw string to image. g.DrawString(wmString, wmFont, wmBrush, wmPoint); //Load the new image to picturebox pictureBox1.Image = tmp; // Release graphics object. g.Dispose(); }[/CSHARP]