CTRL+ALT+L: View Solution Explorer. I use Auto Hide for all of my tool windows to maximize screen real estate. Whenever I need to open the Solution Explorer, it’s just a shortcut away. Related shortcuts: CTRL+ALT+X (Toolbox), F4 (Properties), CTRL+ALT+O (Output), CTRL+\, E (Error List), CTRL+\, T (Task List).
    F12: Go to definition of a variable, object, or function.
    SHIFT+F12: Find all references of a function or variable.
    F7: Toggle between Designer and Source views.
    CTRL+PgDn: Toggle between Design and Source View in HTML editor.
    F10: Debug - step over. Related debugging shortcuts: F11 (debug - step into), SHIFT-F11 (debug - step out), CTRL-F10 (debug - run to cursor). F9 (toggle breakpoint).
    CTRL+D or CTRL+/: Find combo (see section on Find Combo below).
    CTRL+M, O: Collapse to Definitions. This is usually the first thing I do when opening up a new class.
    CTRL+K, CTRL+C: Comment block. CTRL+K, CTRL-U (uncomment selected block).
    CTRL+-: Go back to the previous location in the navigation history.
    ALT+B, B: Build Solution. Related shortcuts: ALT+B, U (build selected Project), ALT+B, R (rebuild Solution).
    CTRL+ALT+Down Arrow: Show dropdown of currently open files. Type the first few letters of the file you want to select.
    CTRL+K, CTRL+D: Format code.
    CTRL+L: Delete entire line.
    CTRL+G: Go to line number. This is useful when you are looking at an exception stack trace and want to go to the offending line number.
    SHIFT+ALT+Enter: Toggle full screen mode. This is especially useful if you have a small monitor. Since I upgraded to dual 17" monitors, I no longer needed to use full screen mode.
    CTRL+K, X: Insert "surrounds with" code snippet. See Snippets tip below.
    CTRL+B, T: Toggle bookmark. Related: CTRL+B, N (next bookmark), CTRL+B, P (prev bookmark).